Commonly Asked Physician Questions

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Q: Why work with a Recruiter?

A: A recruiter can provide great wisdom and guidance while on the job hunt. However, it is important that you find a recruiter you can trust with your best interest and not someone who only suggests opportunities that are in their best interest.

Recruiters do have a bad reputation, but that is why it is important that you take the time to find someone you can trust and feel comfortable working with throughout the search process. Finding the right recruiter can be invaluable while looking for a job.

It is important to ask questions and get familiar with the recruiter and their process. Being straightforward and honest with each other can build a great relationship.

They also can provide: 2. Contract negotiations 3. Multiple options 4. Resources to Assist Along the way

Q: Why should I trust that you won’t send my CV without permission?

A: Arlington HealthCare follows a strict code of ethics when it comes to privacy and your career search. We will never send your CV out to a hospital or group without your permission. Because we are constantly looking out for your best interests, we send your CV only to those clients that we notified you of, and that you have interest in. Benefit – knowing you have control of where and when your CV is submitted.

Q: Does the fee take away from your compensation package?

A: Most organizations either hire an internal recruiter that works inside the hospital, outsources the recruitment services to an outside physician recruitment firm, and often leverages a combination of both. The cost for either the in-house recruiter and/or an outside agency is the cost of  doing business and should not impact your compensation package in any way.

In many instances, we can negotiate a better compensation package by understanding your needs and help communicate with your future Employer with a win-win mindset.