About Us

Our team has:

  •   25 Years of Physician Recruitment Experience
  •   Provided transitional career advice to over 11,250+ Physicians
  •   Placed more than 750 physicians and their families
  •   Negotiated more than $150 Million of physician starting salaries
  •   Proprietary database of 5,000 Hospitals and 10,000 physician   groups to uncover the best options for physicians and their   families

Arlington HealthCare is dedicated to be your #1 resource before, during and after the recruitment process. First and foremost, we are an educational source that provides you with the tools and information to challenge and inspire you to a higher quality of life. Our Career Consultants will guide you every step of the way — providing you with the research, surveys and prep work needed for finding balance in life through your career. Whether or not you accept an opportunity through Arlington HealthCare, we determine our success through the personal and professional impact we have on your life.

  • Discover what’s important in your life/career
  • Challenge you by asking the tough questions
  • Negotiate your compensation package