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How will You Benefit from Working with Us?

We will help you . . .

  • Discover what’s most important for you in your life and your career
  • Challenge you by asking the tough questions
  • Distinguish the right career from just another job
  • Improve your CV and Cover Letter
  • Understand and prepare you for the full cycle recruitment process
  • Engage the other decision makers, i.e. spouse, S.O.
  • Educate you on the market conditions and how you’ll be impacted in each market and type of practice
  • Market you to targeted hospitals to uncover all possibilities
  • Identify the resources you need and deliver them at the time you need them
  • Strategize on how to become the top physician candidate
  • Prepare for interviews providing you the information and advice needed to receive a job offer
  • Negotiate your compensation package
  • Transition you into your new practice
  • Set up a win-win relationship with your employer from the beginning

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